Hello, I am
Leite Borges

About Me

With over 20 years of dedicated experience in both design and software engineering. Leading teams with a commitment to the highest standards of excellence.

Work Experience

Jun 2022 - Present

Lead Software Engineer

EPAM System
Directed a team to refine a financial analytics platform as a fullstack, for improved scalability and performance in banking solutions.
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Team Lead Developer

  • Supporting team mates with their weak points
  • Main code reviewer
  • Resource manager
  • Create friendly atmosphere for work environment

Senior React Developer

  • Development of web application using React.js
  • Using Test with React Testing Library
  • E2E test with playwright
  • Behavior test with code concept and cucumber
  • Improved code standard with customer
Jan 2021 - Apr 2021

React Native Developer

Helping startups to achieve more with excellent quality software and apps. Fully test-driven development.
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  • Creating iOS and Android apps with React-Native
  • Fully test-driven development
  • Best practices of Extreme Programming
Nov 2019 - Jan 2021

Lead Web Developer

Development of web applications using React.js as well as backend with serverless functions in a Node.js environment.
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Team Lead

  • Managing team activities
  • Support on human resources for hiring
  • Scrum master and scrum rites advocate

Java Software Engineer

  • Java developer (REST Api with Javax)
  • Java developer (REST Api with Quarkus)

Worked on Netflix - EstacaoN

  • Created the architecture structure for the project
  • Developed the backend using NodeJS (ES6+) with Serverless Framework
  • Code the base endpoints and database connections and validations (using Mongo)
  • Help the team to deploy, test and connect the frontend (React) with the backend

React Developer

  • Development of web application using React.js
  • Development of backend micro-services in nodejs/serverless
  • Creating components for web applications
Apr 2019 - Oct 2019

Web Designer and Developer

Beto Carrero World
Design and coding landing pages using pure HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Creating interactive mail marketing using MJML. Design of social media and seasonal brands.
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  • Development of landing pages using HTML5, CSS and JS using Parcel as bundler.
  • Development of mail marketing using MJML
  • Graphic design for online marketing media
  • Design icons and seasonal brands
Sep 2018 - Feb 2019

Image Editor and Web Designer

DWV Interativa
Design and coding of simple pure HTML5, CSS3 and vanilla Javascript, with style cohesion for each customer brand. Design of social media and seasonal brands.
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  • Development simple web pages
  • Style design and cohesion of interface components for web pages
  • Web development in HTML5, CSS and vanilla JS for customers home pages
  • Design marketing for online social media
Nov 2016 - Nov 2017

Art Director

To10 Propaganda
Design of social media and seasonal brands. Interface design using 12 columns grid. Creating codeless web pages with online tools like Wix and Square Space.
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  • Art Director for customer brands
  • Graphic design for a wide range of products as such: printed media, online media and web design
  • Web design using 12 column grid and graphic resource creation for online use
  • Web design with online tools as such Wix and Square Space


Software engineering*
This course aims to train professionals able to propose improvements and innovations in the planning, construction, management and maintenance of processes, services and computational products, based on the techniques of Software Engineering: correct, complete, safe, friendly, usable software systems, with quality, easy to maintain and fair cost.
MBA in Frontend Development
Studies with the latest technologies, such as React, Vue and Angular, using agile methods as well as scrum techniques for project development. System architectures as well as advanced concepts in Javascript with the main standards used for web development.
Industrial Design
Wide variety of design skills, including (but not limited to), graphic editing, video editing, technical drawing, 3D modeling, ergonomics, semiotics...


Coding Skills

Operating System

#Linux Mint




#Go Lang

Testing Practices (and Tools)

#Test Driven Development
#Unit Testing
#React Testing Library
#Testing Library/Hooks

Design Skills

Adobe Software


CAD Software

#Fusion 360

Blog Posts

Games that I made